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About Online Gambling AustrailiaIf you share a passion for the casino and are looking to take your gambling online, you've come to the right place! With over 30 years of combined experience, our experts cover all aspects of the online gambling business in Australia!. There are many assets to living in the Outback, but our legal ability to play the pokies and casino games from our homes is the envy of people around the world!

Our mission is to provide the web's most definitive guide to safe and enjoyable online gambling in Australia. Whether you're a new gambler looking to see what all the fuss is about with the pokies, or you're a skilled punter looking to take your hobby to the next level, our goal remains the same: guiding players to the best 2024 online casinos.

What We Do

When you walk in a land-based casino, you're immediately overtaken with the sights and sounds. The anticipation of your first bet lurks, and the last thing on your mind is debating whether or not the casino is credible and legit. Online casinos offer Aussies the ability to partake in gambling from the Big Smokes to Centralia, and every nook and cranny in between. But of course, the Internet also presents a breeding ground for online casino crooks.

With the gambling boom still on the rise in Australia, many online casinos market to Aussies, but not all can be trusted. Our team knows how to distinguish between reputable and rogue casino operators. Together, we offer unrivalled guidance to a very crowded online casino industry.

How We Rate Sites

Rate Australian Casino SitesWith so many online casinos targeting Aussies, how can you differentiate the premiere sites from the bad ones? Well, you don't have to - we did it for you! Every casino we recommend must meet our stringent requirements, and not just once: we review on a continued basis to assure quality gaming!

Here is what we look for in rating an online casino:

Security: Everything else an online casino offers is irrelevant if the site doesn't come with the best security features available. From data encryption of your financial transactions to routine independent security audits, you can play confidently knowing your private information is secure.

Game Offerings: No two Aussie gamblers are alike! Some are obsessed with the pokies, while others just can't get enough blackjack or baccarat. We look for online casinos that offer all of your favourite games, but also new varieties and twists on old classics!

Sign-up Bonuses! Don't sign-up with a casino if they don't offer free sign-up AUD! In 2024, Aussies have the edge on the casino when they create an account, with most operators offering big bonuses on your first, second, and even third deposits.

Promotions: In addition to a sign-up bonus, we love to see the casino present promotions to its devoted community. Free tournament entries, free spins at the pokies, retention bonuses, and more!

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: Credit card, debit card, wires, e-wallets, and more - casinos must offer the leading deposit and withdrawal methods Aussies prefer, and they must perform the transactions fast!

Customer Support: We're in the business of providing support to online gamblers, so naturally we expect it from the casinos we recommend. 24/7, telephone and online customer support is a must!

What Austrailian Casinos DoWho We Are

Oliver Thomas

He says he's originally from Woop Woop, but today Oliver Thomas resides in Melbourne where he keeps a beat on all the land and online casinos. An avid gamer who tried his hand at poker professionally, Oliver leads our team by providing expert insight on the latest trends and keeping an in-depth pulse on gambling's biggest movers and shakers. Oliver also spends many hours each week testing and reviewing Aussie online casinos.

Steve Walker Living on the Gold Coast, Steve Walker has a long career in computer software and security. After spending years playing online casino games, Steve left his job as a computer engineer to join our team. Steve routinely monitors new software developments within online gambling and performs security audits on all of our recommended sites.

Emily Harris With a background in investigative journalism, Emily Harris knows how to get to the bottom of things. A Freo from outside Perth, Emily is our private investigator in all things regarding online gambling. Emily dives into the business affairs of new casinos, large gaming groups, and government laws to stay on top of the industry.